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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Onion Ring

Instructions for Tatting:

1. Read the instructions a dozen times
2. If a diagram is available review with the instructions a dozen times
3. While tatting, keep an eye on the picture of the design. In other words, one eye on your tatting and one eye on the picture. :)

In my prior post I tatted a small sample of an onion ring, and then proceeded to try a new pattern. I know, what was I thinking.... right?

Here is the start of my onion ring and leaves. You notice the last onion ring isn't connected to the last clover leaf. BECAUSE THE PATTERN DOESN'T TELL ME TOO. But if I had been paying attention this wouldn't have happened. (Oop's I forgot I laid it out so nice when I took the picture it looks like they are connected)

It isn't that the pattern is wrong, it just doesn't remind you to connect them together. Remember I am a beginner tatter. This pattern is courtsey of and I want to thank them for their wonderful patterns.

Anyway I used #8 purple variegated and green #30 crochet thread.

Once I get to the second onion ring I need to remember to join in the third step.
R: 10ds p 2ds j to first p..... I made a note for it to read R: 10ds join to last picot of clover leaf 2 ds j .......

Since I am looking for small motif type patterns I found some lovely patterns at but they only have diagrams. Being a newbie tatter I can't quite figure them out. So I will have to study their lesson plan.

I am wondering though how you know when to RW. That brings up another question. When a pattern mentions "turn" is it always the same as "reverse work"? I think on LadyShuttleMaker's blog she mentions "turn" as turning a page in a book (which is rw in needle tatting). This onion ring pattern says "turn". Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Melissa said...

So far as I know and have seen turn and RW are the same thing, it's probably in very few patterns that they mean something else like how Sherry mentioned on her blog. I think if you see a diagram or a picture of the pattern you will know if it is what Sherry said or not and just the same as RW.
ALSO sometimes people will not mention RW because it is "obvious" (although not to beginners) so usually unless it says Do Not RW you usually do again looking at a pattern photo or diagram can help clear up a question in that part too.
Oh Be-Stitched must have missed that on her pattern, maybe you should let her know about it, since she loves to make patterns for beginners and that can be a stumbler just like what happened to you, I can totally see that happening to others too it's easy to be so focused following the pattern that you don't realize there was a mistake (been there done that LOLLLL many times)
I know as a beginner I too couldn't read the diagrams alone, but now I've gotten better about it. For example if the chain after a ring curves away from it as normal it's RW but if it curves the other direction then it's No RW, hope this makes sense and isn't confusing if you feel confused just don't worry about it, you will "get" them more with time and doing patterns.
OH just remembered a link to a handout that shows how to read all the different things:
Hope that helps!

TattingChic said...

HI Kathy,Your onion rings look yummy! LOL! You did a good job. I always had the understanding that RW and turn work were the same thing. I saw Sherry's pics, too. It does make sense, but I haven't really given it much thought. THe beauty of being a beginner is that you write down these details of what you are doing that a person who is tatting longer may not think of. Sometimes they "lose touch" a frustrating thing for beginners.
I agree with Melissa, the designer of the pattern would probably appreciate knowing about the mistake. Melissa has done a very good job of explaining things in detail about the RW and everything else...if I say anything else I'll be repeating her! LOL!
Happy Tatting! You are doing wonderfully. Look how nice and even your stitches are already!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Dear Kathy,
I love to visit your blog everyday.
I just tagged you ""Brillant Web Blogsite Award".

Judy S. said...

No thoughts, Kathy, but I'm so impressed with what you've done. I still haven't really opened the book!