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Friday, July 18, 2008

More Tatting

Wow, the time sure does fly! I haven't had any picture to share until now. I shuttle tatted this flower basket (same one I needle tatted in another post) and a single onion ring. I found a few patterns with the onion ring design so I had to try a simple one.

I also shuttle tatted this mini heart. I tried to re-do a join, well that didn't work so the lower left corner looks a little twisted. No it doesn't just look twisted it is twisted. LOL Actually I need to look at that pattern again, I think there is a mistake in the middle. Too many picot's......... Ummm!

I wanted to try the heart again, but first I had to tackle the flower basket. I am pleased with it except the handle could be a bit smoother. I did the last half of the josephine knot. As Ladyshuttlemaker noted in her post I dropped the shuttle every 5 stitches. Her chain looks so nice and even.

So what do you think? I would love for you to leave a comment. Always looking for beginner patterns of small motifs. I would love to find a copy of Patti Duffs "Minitats" book.


TattingChic said...

Good job on your tatting! I love the little basket. I thought it was a butterfly basket at first it does kind of look like one. I think you're doing great.

Melissa said...

I think you are doing great too! And you've tried an onion ring...LOL I still haven't tried those! I guess I just haven't needed too yet, I will eventually though I'm sure!
I love the Mini Tats book and I got my copy at Handy Hands I think it is still available there too.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love your little basket! Mini Tats is a great book! I hope you can find one!

Tattycat said...

The ladies are right - you are doing a good job. An onion ring is something most people don't even try for a long time. Way to go!

Kathy said...

tattingchic, Thanks - not sure what you mean about a butterfly basket...

Melissa, Thanks, your sisters work is coming along very nicely.

Diane, Thank you, I haven't found the book yet but will keep looking.

Tattycat, Thanks for the encouragement! I didn't know the onion ring was considered that different not to give it a try.

Judy S. said...

Kathy, I am totally impressed! You have really come a long way. I must get going and try it!