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Saturday, November 22, 2008

SNOW !!!!!!!

First thing this morning I received a call from my brother, he was taking our mother to the doctor. She had a dizzy spell last evening and her blood pressure was sky high.

The doctor said it was more than likely vertigo. Told her to take the pill she normally takes at night so she could get some needed rest today. She called and said she rested for about 30 minutes. She wasn't really sure if she dozed off or not. She had to make 2 pies for tomorrow so the ladies from church could take them to Ronald McDonald house. She said she was feeling better though. Part of her problem is she has anxiety when things like this (vertigo) happens.

The main computer has a "VIRUS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something took over the home page. I could use my McAfee scanner, but it disengaged the McAfee siteadvisor. It did find something, but there seems to be more problems than it found. I can't load Spy Bot either. I also can't access anything on the internet that was connected to spyware scanners. Thank heavens I could run the Hijack this log to send to the forum that always helps me out when stuff like this happens. So now I have to work with the forum from the 2nd computer and run back to the other one. It usually takes at least 3 days until they can start to help. So many people with virus issues. Why can't people just get a life instead of making havoc on others.

We woke up yesterday morning to about 4" of snow. This is the backyard, showing the trampoline. The tree is actually in our neighbor's yard. Did I say I "HATE" snow!!!! Better than ice though. We had enough of that last winter.

The lilac trees covered and snow on the birdhouse.

The top portion of the driveway, before the turn, and down the incline. You can see DH's tracks backing up and getting turned around to drive down the driveway. Somtimes I have to park at the bottom because it's just too slippery. Since his truck is 4-wheel drive he can usually make it up.

We had a "L" shaped fence along the bottom edge of the driveway. I had flowers planted there and a metal "Welcome" sign with a flag. This past summer one of the beams needed to be replaced. I told DH that unless he wanted me to slide down the hill and take the fence out with the car he better remove it. He didn't think twice about it.

Last winter when the driveway was icy I started down just inching along and suddenly the car turned sideways and I slid down the hill. I came within inches of hitting the darn fence and going out onto the road. I ended up at least pointed in the right direction. Thankfully we don't have much traffic, but it only takes one.

It's going to be cold for a few days and more snow expected Tuesday/Wednesday.

I took my WorkKeys test on Wednesday at Career Link. They will send me my certificate and my grade in the mail. The test consists of Math, Locating Information and Reading. You are allowed 45 minutes for each category. Each category had between 33 - 36 questions each.

Hope I did well. Time will tell.


TattingChic said...

Hope your mother is doing well now. Snow certainly makes the world look like a different place! Thanks for the lovely pics! The lilac bushes look like white lace against a grey sky!

jessicasews said...

Dear Kathy,

I hope your mom is feeling better. MIL had that last year, we felt so bad for her. Your mom will be in our t's and p's.

Wanted to wish you a wonderful and peaceful holiday -
Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Jes

Rengin Yazitas said...

I couldn't send you a message today, my mails returned with a "Delivery failure Notification". I just learned your mother's situation, I hope she feels much better, now. You know, we suffer from same problem.She precisely must control her blood pressure.
I'm going to Ankara Thursday, I'll contact you when I have chance.
Convey my best regards to your Mom.

Kathy said...

Just to let you know, my mother is doing good. They actually put her on a blood pressure medicine. Which she is hesitanly taking. If she can avoid it at all she would.
This past weekend she went to NY for 2 days with her cousins and had a great time.

Wendy said...

Hi Kathy, glad your mother is doing good. I just love your pictures of the snow! Living in the south we don't get the beautiful stuff! Have a Happy New Year! Wendy