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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tatted Cat

I just wanted to share my tatted cat. The pattern is from

The only problem I had was finishing the last row of instructions. I need to check with them to see if the diagram matches the pattern. I made a little adjustment, not sure if I should have or not. LOL

Joining the head to the next to last picot on the required chain is where I ran into the most trouble. It is attached as you can see in the picture, :) but I have a twisted picot. Yes, that's right a twisted picot. Can you see me frowning? I thought I followed the instructions correctly, but I guess I will need to practice, practice, and practice some more on that one. I only ripped it out about 5 times, until I could at least get the last few DS going in the right direction. I know it's still wrong because of the darn twisted picot.

I have made hearts, and connecting the picots were not a problem. This one was different and what a time I had. Why would this be different than when I finished the hearts?????? I am so confused. LOL

It looks like I need to trim the right side whiskers a bit. He or she is a little lopsided.


TattingChic said...

Your tatted kitty cat turned out so cute! I'm glad you were able to finish it!
Oh, the dreaded twisted picot!!! I hate that! I've had many a twisted picot until I was finally able to twist my mind around how to attach it untwisted, it's tricky, it's like you have to join the picot while it's twisted a certain way so that when it's lying flat it will lay untwisted. Something to show you, not try to explain, you know?

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I think your kitty is cute too!
You should tat another cat to keep him company...

Gina said...

This is one of my favorite patterns. I've tatted it several times and I can't tell you why I like it so much, but I do.
Nice color - looks almost calico!

Charmingdesigns said...

That is sooo cute...but looks so Laurie

Rengin Yazitas said...

Kathy, this is so cute. I loved what you did, it must be so complicated work.

TattingChic said...

Hey girly friend, I have a little something for you on my blog post today! :)

jessicasews said...

So cute and I love the rich color!

~ Jes

Kathy said...

Tattingchic, thanks for the comment. Just one more challenge figuring out the twisted picot. :)
I will check out your blog. :)

Laddyshuttlemaker, Thanks for stopping by. I might have to tatt another cat just to learn how to avoid the twisted picot. Funny thing is if I do figure it out I probably won't remember how I did it. :)

Gina, You are right, I planned it that way using the variegated thread. I love valdani thread.

Laurie and Rengin, It wasn't too bad until the end.

Jessica, Thanks for the comment.

Judy S. said...

Very cute, Kathy. Kind of looks like our Ginger!

***Jon**** said...

Hi Kathy,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I see what you mean about the cat's head. I hope my tutorial on the twisted picot helps you get rid of it.. the twisted picot, not the cat's head, LOL!