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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Silver Ring Thing Program - Abstinence

The topic is on Abstinence, it's your choice to read on.

Sunday evening our church youth group attended a "Silver Ring Thing" program. Check it out, there may be one coming to your area.

It is bible based, teaching on abstinence. They had a 40 minute parent/youth leader session at the beginning of the program while the kids attended the 2 1/2 hour program consisting of music, a message, skits, testimonies and a "second chance" message. Of course parents joined the kids after the parent session.
If you choose to make the committment, you have the opportunity to purchase a purity ring, engraved with 1 Thess 4:3-4. They were also given a new testament abstinence study bible with a ring purchase.

This group is reaching youth and adults around the world. Of course they are always running into those who are against the program. They were hoping to have about 800 attend, there were 2,000 in attendence. It appears this generation is willing to listen and give it great thought as to how their life can be affected by the decision they make.

As a parent and you haven't spoken with your teenager, please make the effort to do so. Please also pray for your teenager.

Our kids really need to learn the true facts, whereas in the majority of schools they aren't taught abstinence, they are getting mislead as to what is safe and what is not.

Studies show:
Who teens say is the single most influential factor in their decision making: "MY PARENTS"

Who Parents believe most influence teens' decisions: Teens' friends

The vision: To create a culture shift in America where abstience becomes the norm again rather than the exception.

In the United States, more than 65 milltion people are currently living with an incurable STD. Most people in the US remain unaware of the risks and consequences despite the fact that STDs are extremely widespread, have severe and sometimes deadly consequences, and cost billons of dollars each year.

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Penny said...

These types of programs have been gleefully attacked by many members of our society but I say - go for it!! It is just so hard to raise children, these days.

The faith based approach you are describing is much kinder and gentler than what I personally wish would return, i.e., a well developed sense of shame. :) Seriously, shame and fear of embarassment is not nearly as positive but for teenagers in the throes of lust and romance, it is a pretty good deterent. There is so much peer pressure, these days, for girls (and boys) to devalue themselves and what they shuld expect from themselves and each other. I feel sorry for the girls out there who are "competing" with other young ladies who use sex for attention without a second thought. The old days of boys working to earn or win a young lady's favor are gone. We are left with girls who sell themselves out and boys with little incentive to become "the better man."

Melissa said...

Awesome! It would be great if we had one nearby for our youth! I had a purity ring when I was a teen! Very proud of it too, I want to put it on a white on white block to hang in my bedroom.

Kathy said...

You are so right, there are too many girls craving for attention anyway they can get it.

Good for you! A good role model for the youth at your church.

BJ said...

I'm some older than your earlier wriers ~ from the fifties generation. My deterent to my natural impulses (since I was not a Christian at the time) was "bringing shame to my Father's name." And fear of the consequences. It worked. LOL I've been married 53 years to the same fella; and, we are both Christians (the scriptural definitieon) and active in our church. All that said, if a young person does make a bad life decision; I think it behooves us to come along side and be supportive and not a judgmental shunning. Prevention is better than re arranging a life's goals.
I encourage your life choices towards purity.

PS thanks for being a follower