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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Special Fabric

My dear friend Jessica sent me this beautiful fall fabric with pumpkins and leaves. It sure was a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. Thank you Jessica! Please take a look at her blog. She makes beautiful fish and purses, just to mention a few of the items she sells at her local market. Of course if you want to order something from her I'm sure she would be excited to accommodate you.

I started taking a medical terminology course online. Each lesson should be done within a two week time frame and we are given two lessons each week. One on Wednesday and one on Friday. We are on lesson 8, well actually I am still on lesson 7. I am really enjoying it, but my middle aged brain is a little slow keeping up. I finally made some flash cards to help with memorizing. Didn't have enough so I need to purchase some more to add the remaining words. Each lesson includes several medical website to research. What a wealth of information.

I hope to finally get started on the jewelry rolls a friend requested as gifts for Christmas. I started one but wanted to get her approval before proceeding with the rest. Got the ok, so now full speed ahead. Well, maybe not full speed, next week is pretty busy. Meeting with two cousins on Tuesday, not really sure what we will do. Started a bible lesson in the Spring, but the Summer got busy and now maybe it would be a good time to pick up where we left off. My friend whom I went to school with is visiting from Texas. Now a group of us classmates are getting together on Thursday before she heads back home over the weekend. Saturday, my mother invited me to go to a dinner theatre with some ladies from her church. Couldn't say no to spend the day with mom. Of course Saturday is my school class reunion as well. Thought about going this year, but thought it would be best to go with mom. She hasn't been feeling the greatest lately......

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


JessicaSews said...

Dear Kathy! It was too chilly to go outside and so I turned the music on and started pulling out fabric...I thought of you! Have fun using it or just stashing it!!

Happy Fall!
....and study!

Judy S. said...

That's a pretty piece of fabric, Kathy, so lifelike. Interested to hear that you're taking an online class; they're a lot of work. I think they take more time than "on the ground" classes, at least the ones I've taken did. Good luck!

❦TattingChic said...

That is a nice piece of fabric. What a sweet friend. Ha ha, my last blog post was about my friend, Jessica, too! Although, it was a different Jessica. I just thought that was cute. :)

JessicaSews said...

Happy Fall, Kathy!
Have fun using it or stashing it!!

We are cheering your studying on -
You're doing great!

Bet you had a lovely time with
your mom!

Hope you get beautiful Fall colors
around you....and warm enough weather
to enjoy a walk!