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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sorry about the prior two posts (which I promptly deleted). I hit enter (twice) before finished. I just wanted to move down a line. Geesh!

Anyway thought some of you might be interested in some patterns for Chemo Caps and other helpful ideas for those who you might want to encourage while going through a difficult time of their life.

Chemo Caps

Craft and Fabric Links

Curiously Crafty
Head Huggers Patterns
Fleece Projects
Be Still and Knit pattern library
Chemo Caps
Prayer Shawl (Knitted) (haircover)
Kids Chemo Caps
Lazy Girl Designs (hospital gown)
Lion Brand Chemo Cap (knit and chrochet)
Perfect Little Stitches (headwrap) (creative kindness - patterns and instructions)

And for those special little ones that bring joy to you:
Baby Quilts
Free Baby Quilt Patterns
Baby Quilts


Judy S. said...

Looks like you've found some good links, Kathy. How're you doing?

JessicaSews said...

Very nice links, Kathy.
Thank you!

Hope you're doing okay with all the storms going on!