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Monday, May 23, 2011

New website added to Mostly Quilting page and Sewing Projects page

I just added two sites to the "Mostly Quilting" page and you really should check them out.  First is Gammill with a list of show dates and if they happen to be in your area you sure don't want to miss them.  Another site has a "Quilt of the Month" page with some adorable patterns to download.

Kirsten from AllFreeSewing contacted me as they included my Jewelry Roll pattern on their site. You should really hop on over and take a peek at all the goodies listed there.

Of course there are many that I would love to make, and I think this one is just adorable Gathered-Clutch.
Now wouldn't this make the cutest gift for a girl to hold her money Mini Packback Coin Purse.  I'm a sucker for purse or wallet patterns.

In regards to my Jewelry Roll pattern, I had mentioned that in order to keep the jewelry more secure I would add another row of ribbon or binding. Jean left a comment about the changes she would make:

Sew 1 longer piece of ribbon at the left center outside edge of the roll that way you can secure it however tightly you need to. I also noted you thought you might add another row of ribbon or binding to secure heavier longer necklaces better, I think an even better solution is to make the pockets about 3/4 of the way up to the ribbon at the top inside. It holds better. Finally, I layered and bound the roll like a quilt. I thought it was less bulky, easy, and I didn't need to finish the end of the ring and earring pocket, just ran the binding over it to finish it neatly. Worked great and looked nice. If I get around to it I'd like to monogram with my emb. machine on dupioni silk for the outside layer. That would be a classy looking gift!

Thanks Jean for your ideas and if you are reading this would love to see a picture of your jewelry roll!

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