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Friday, August 26, 2011

New Wallet

I finally got around to taking a picture of the new wallet I made.  The pattern came from

As you can see I use the top pocket for cash and change in the zippered section, then credit cards in the middle and then another pocket at the bottom for receipts, or I have my drivers license and insurance cards in a plastic holder in that pocket, and whatever else you need tucked in there, more cash if the top pocket can't hold it all.  I wish that were the case. LOL  The checkbook would fit there too if you carry one.

I should have followed her instructions and used a 7" zipper. I used a larger one and then couldn't top stitch around the outside.  I also didn't have fusible fleece so I used wonder under over batting. I was in too much of a hurry to make one and didn't want to wait for the right supplies. LOL  I also used velcro in lieu of the magnetic snaps only because I thought I read somewhere not to use magnetic near credit cards.  That said, I sure do like it.  The finished size is about 8-1/4" by 4".  I have been using it for awhile in a purse that has entirely too much junk in it.

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Judy S. said...

Looks like you've been busy! How's your summer been?

Cobar Patchwork Supplies said...

Wow Kathy that purse is gorgeous, I think i might have to make one for myself. Even better that you can fit a cheque book in it is a bonus.Thanks so much for sharing yours Congratulations you did very very well.

Kathy said...

Hi Judy, this has been the only project finished in a long time.
I finally was able to find a job with a local hospital. At this point it is with the interim staff which is no-benefits, not considered full-time, and placed in positions as need, but do work work full-time 40 hr week. First 8 weeks in training and then to the phone center. At this time the position is to last until at least mid-January or possibly into Feb/March. After that not sure yet. I can't believe summer is about over and kids are back to school. Hope you and DH are doing well.

Kathy said...

Cobar...thank you for stopping by and commenting on the wallet. I have added your website to my machine embroidery list.

JessicaSews said...

It's pretty and you are making good use of it! (I really do like the fabrics used)

I "tote around" a big canvas tote from Target(Year: 2000?...pfff!) Anyway, it's filled with all kinds of zippered pouches! I never remember what is where though! ha!

So glad that your area got only a bit of rain.

Kathy said...

There isn't anything wrong with a Target Tote, it does the job and that's what counts. You need to put little tags on your zippered pouches. :)

It was nice and sunny today. Pretty cool overnight @ 44 degrees. I heard geese this morning while hanging up some towels on the clothes line. I hope they weren't heading south just yet.

Lola said...

Divino, me encanta tu blog