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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Canon Versus Sony

My prior camera,  the Canon Powershot S2 was great with a 12X zoom.  I could take pictures during softball games and freeze the softball in motion going across the plate and of course under my breath mumble, "that wasn't a strike, and I have the picture to prove it." Smiling....   Needless to say one day the screen went completely black except for the display icons. Now what could be causing that, sure enough the shutter was sticking.  Found a great website that provided instructions to un-stick that nasty shutter.  Unfortunately it didn't stay un-stuck and from what I was reading could be an expensive repair.

I debated for several months on which camera would best suit my needs, reading Consumer Report and online reviews.  So I watched the sales ads and a little more than a week before Christmas I purchased a Nikon 6200 knowing I could use it for 45 days before returning it. Yeah I know bad timing.  It's now Christmas eve, and of course I didn't have much time to play with it, I made sure it was full charged and ready to go Christmas morning.  Now I'm not a complete novice, nor am I an expert when it comes to cameras but I didn't get a real feel about it.  I prefer to try out cameras in the summer when there is bright sunlight, make sure you can see on the LCD exactly what you're taking a picture of and not just guessing because the screens too dark. Then again I'm a summer sort of gal and do not like the cold, dreary, dark winter. 

Now it's after Christmas with a limited supply of cameras and I'm looking for the Canon 230SX or the Sony DSC HX9 because each received excellent reviews. I'm at a local retail store and just happen to pick up a Sony, I don't recall the model but it didn't have a long zoom and I basically just wanted to test it. Well I feel in love with the "motion detection". It was set on Auto and I waved my hand in front of the lens and no blur, perfect shot. So now what do I do as there are no Sony DSC HX9's available and it doesn't appear that it will be available any time soon. Apparently limited supply of Sony's due to the Earthquake last year. So in the mean time I did find the Canon 230SX for a very good price and am now testing it to see if I want to keep it or not.  Took a few pictures but have yet to print them. If you research the 230SX it has a NB-5L lithium-ion battery.  I have the GPS turned off and have viewed my pictures, sometimes zooming in while reviewing and I must say it doesn't take long before the battery needs charged again. The powershot took 4 AA's and I sure do miss that in the newer cameras.

Would appreciate any comments on the Canon or Sony.  

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