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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dragonfly Tatting Instructions

Judy asked about how I made the dragonfly body.

I purchased 5x16 wing beads from Wing beads are also available in a smaller 3x11 size.

Eye beads are found here as well, I purchased both sizes.

The original pattern from DS9designs. Melissa from Honey Bee's Bliss also includes a pattern on her blog.

I would also like to try this dragonfly.

This is my version changed to needle tatting and written out in an easy format for some friends who were just learning how to needle tatt:

Working off the ball, leave about 12-15" thread tail

Put 2 wings then 2 eyes on the ball thread.
Using ball thread
2 DS
add eye
4 DS
add eye
2 DS

Slide off needle, close (bring needle up through loop, close, tie knot)

Still using ball thread
4 DS
add wing bead
2 DS
add wing bead
3 DS

Split Ring (unthread needle and work from eye end)
4 DS
add wing bead
2 DS
add wing bead
3 DS
rethread needle, close ring like above

Josephine Knot:
Use ball thread and do 1/2 stitches as many times as you would like the length of the tail.
Slide off needle, do not make ring, leave straight or just a little curl.
Double knot and cut threads, leaving them long enough to add 2 beads and hide threads in tail.

Thread a milliner needle (or one that will fit through the beads and up through the tail) with the loose thread (one at a time) and bring up through the 2nd bead and into tail to hide. Also with the second thread. Trim off excess.

Split Ring technique can be found at


Melissa said...

Awww thanks so much for mentioning me! When I made that dragonfly I didn't know the other lady had one similar, I like how mine has a smaller body, but because of that you can't really shuttle tat it only needle tat and that is because back then I did needle tatting and hadn't moved on to shuttle yet.

Judy S. said...

Thanks, Kathy, for the explanation. I've been meaning to ask you where you got your needle, if that's what you call it, for needle tatting.

Also, just got tagged by Wendy of CQ4 Newbies and am passing "it" on to you if you feel so inclined.
Hope you had a good day!

Sherry said...

I love your site! Thanks for the compliments on my jacket. And, thanks for tagging me.

TattingChic said...

Thank you for the instructions. You're so talented.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Thanks Kathy for the dragonfly instructions and links to the others. I also started needle tatting, but moved quickly to shuttle tatting because I hated to add more thread all the time.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and the kind words on my work!