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Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Dyed Lace

I dyed more lace trying for a pastel look. I have two sets of dye. On the lace below I used the Jacquard Green Label Silk Dye. You get some nice bold color with the Green Label dye. I really had to water down to achieve pastels. Some I think I watered down too much and others were just right. The Butterflies were a bit bold this time. Next time I will use my other set and compare colors.


Judy S. said...

Hi Kathy,

These motifs are very pretty. Do you brush the dye onto the multi-colored ones?

Kathy said...

Judy, I use a chinese brush to dye laces. Do you know what they are?

singtatter said...

The colours are so pretty! You have done such a great job dying them. What do you normally do with all these motifs ? Applied on CQ ?

Kathy said...

singtatter, thank you for dropping by. I hope to use them on CQ blocks some day.:))