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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hearts Completed

Here are the last three completed hearts made for the HGTV swap. I really should have used a different background to take the pictures, but to late now. They are in the mail going to Nicki in MA. I might add that I really don't handle deadlines to well. I begin to feel a hot flash come over me the moment I think of a deadline date. LOL! I don't recall having that sort of feeling in the working world. I think some of it relates to perfectionism. While working on these hearts I would lay this out and then that out and would spend hours trying to get just the right embellishments. I know it doesn't really look like that but trust me, I spend to much time thinking. I guess if you do it long enough it becomes easier and you spend less time thinking and more time doing. At least I hope that is the case or I am a lost cause. LOL

Now tell me, what was I thinking to only put those 4 pink beads along that seam without any stitching. Coming to my rescue I rationalize that the space really wasn't that big, I couldn't place anything too close to the seam allowance in case someone planned on using the sewing machine to finish the hearts into maybe a pillow.

In case I didn't mention it before each heart is 6-1/2" unfinished. I basted around the 6" section and then left plenty of seam allowance for those just in case situations. They can always be cut down, but a little difficult to add anything back on. :))


TattingChic said...

Kathy, your stitching and embellishments are beautiful, as always. I can totally relate to the deadline dread with swaps...I've only done 2...well, 1 that had a deadline and I about freaked (not REALLY)! I've turned down 2 other swaps since then, just because I need to get my life in order then I just plan on going SWAP CRAZY!!!... deadlines and all...LOL Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one.

quiltbea said...

I love your CP blocks. You do good work.
How do you post paragraphs and a few pictures all in one post? I can post one picture with info but don't know how to add any more to it.
Thanks again,

Judy S. said...

Love the hearts, Kathy. Those are just the size that I make! :) I especially like the dragonflies....

Kathy said...

Tattingchic, Thank you! Now when I get my life in order, it only last's a few days. LOL

Quiltbea, hope you are getting your pictures and paragraphs worked out. Were my instructions ok?

Judy, Thank you. The dragonfly is fun to make and so quick. Work any more on your needle tatting?