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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lazy Girl Runaround Bag

I made this Lazy Girl - Runaround Bag yesterday from upholstery fabric samples. The pattern states the bag size as 7" x 9". I made it a little longer, 7 x 11-1/4 which is a little too long, 10" would have been better, too late now. So now you are thinking, why go through the trouble of only adding an inch. Just because! LOL

On the right is the back which has an outside pocket. The upholstery fabric was only 13" square, therefore not long enough for the front bottom piece so I had to extend the piece using the lining fabric. I guess you would call this bag self-lined. You double the length of both top and bottom pieces and fold in half and attach zipper. Worked out good. I like lined bags, except in this case the seams are unfinished. If I had used regular cotton fabric I would have finished them with a french seam. Since I used upholstery fabric I just did a zig zag stitch around the edges. Sure wish I had a serger at times like this.
I dyed a lace butterfly and attached to front. I wanted a more casual look, but pretty. Thinking out loud, I wonder if I should add it's flight path just for a little extra zing? On the back is a butterfly bead.


TattingChic said...

Your bag is too cute. I think a flight pattern for that hand-dyed butterfly would look darling. That pocket is perfect for slipping in a tatting shuttle and some thread when you're on the go! You know, the IMPORTANT

Kathy said...

Tatthingchic, LOL, you are so right. I just may have to use it for all those really important things. Thanks for stopping by.

Joyce said...

Kathy, I enjoy visiting your blog - kinda' lost you for a while there!
The bag is darling!
Blessings, Joyce

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Kathy.
In case you didn't get my email.
send me your home addy and i'll send you a humming bird motif that I have left.
Your very welcome to it.