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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On-Line Digital Archive's related to Tatting and Needlework

If you have hours and hours of free time you might enjoy looking at these sites which have free digital books available. All types of needlework are available such as tatting, embroidery, crochet, and knitting. One such author is Branchardière, Riego de la with several tatting books.


Mary Haehnlen Embroidery Stitches (a PDF file)


Pat said...

Kathy, I have just read through some of your posts and your work is just lovely. I have a special fondness for hearts, crazy quilted, no less, and LOVE your dyed lace! Thanks for your visit to my "place" and it's nice to make your acquaintance this day.....Pat at birdnestontheground

TattingChic said...

OOOhhhh... Thanks! I'm putting a link from my blog to this post. This is great info!

Judy S. said...

Hi Kathy,

You're right, we are back....had a great time too, but it's good to be home. You're also right, I did NO tatting (that would take supreme concentration on my part and not possible with David wanting stories and Sophia pulling up on everything) but I did get some knitting done during travel time and at night. Loved your postcard and hearts. Maybe we should exchange a heart sometime?

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Thank you for sharing this information! It's great. Also I love your CQ hearts...they are lovely!