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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tea Party Quilt UFO

I thought I would share one of my UFO's with you. Yes I have a few UFO's hiding in my closet. It is at the quilting stage. I started to hand quilt around one block, and I haven't touched it since. A year and a half has gone by. Shame on me!

I am not proficient at hand quilting so I can't get myself to pick it up and start. Instead of looking at the whole project, maybe if I concentrate my mind on just one block at a time it won't seem as, I want to say overwhelming, but that isn't it either. I know the great quilters out there that can make a full size quilt from start to finish in a few days are probably sitting back and laughing at my so called dilemma. So go ahead and tell me to get on with it! :))

I have hand quilted some of my small wallhangings, the kind where you can see light at the end of the tunnel. LOL! Now this one is much larger. :))

Any thoughts how it could be done in free motion???????? OK, there I go again, just stick with the hand quilting, right???

Close up pictures of the teacups are in my photo album on right side link "My Projects".

The pattern is from Crabapple Hill Studio - Tea Party. They have wonderful patterns.


Melissa said...

I just LOVE the tea embroideries! I have the set of patterns too but I wouldn't dare make a quilt unless it was Crazy! LOL And even then I'm lacking on the actual quilt part of Crazy Quilting! LOL

Judy S. said...

Kathy, I love this quilt! It's wonderful....yes, you need to finish it as it's way too nice to hide in a closet!

Kathy said...

Melissa, Thank you for stopping by. Now wouldn't those teacups look pretty with silk ribbon flowers, beaded leaves and a butterfly and bee? Now you need to give those patterns another thought. :))

Judy, Thank you too. I know I need to get it done. LOL

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Kathy, since you've started hand quilting (can't tell where from the photo), what if you hand quilted around the outlines of all the embroideries (they're beautiful), then quilted in the ditch of all the piecing (by hand or machine - if by machine, I'd recommend using a walking foot). If you wanted to do more quilting, you could just stipple on everything except the embroidered blocks, but still in the ditch of those to help keep it tidy. It's a beautiful quilt, finish it so you can enjoy it!

TattingChic said...

That is too pretty to keep hiding in the closet, Kathy! The embroidery is just beautiful. I cannot wait to see a post with it finished.

Kathy said...

Lynn, Thank you. I started quilting in the ditch where the white background meets the sashing.
I like the idea of stippling too.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Tattingchic, Thank you. I hope to do a little at a time.

jessicasews said...

Kathy - This is so pretty!

I'm embroidering on doilies that are appliqued onto vintage-looking fabric squares. It almost has the same feel as your project here.
I'm inspired to get mine out and finished!

I like the idea of silk flowers and beaded leaves too! ~ Jes