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Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Shuttle Tatted Ring

So far my limited tatting experience consisted of only needle tatting. Needle tatting is very easy to learn and enjoyable. My dragonfly, flower basket and an edging on one of my crazy hearts was needle tatted.

I also wanted to know how to shuttle tatt. I guess in part there seems to be more shuttle patterns available in lieu of needle patterns. I also understand you can convert shuttle patterns to needle patterns. Without undestanding the concept of shuttle tatting I found it difficult to convert these patterns. Perhaps I am missing the eaze of converting and making it more difficult then it has to be. I think too it was best (at least in my case) to understand the basics of needle tatting before attempting shuttle tatting.
So I am so happy to show you my first shuttle tatted ring.

In needle tatting you tie off each ring and chain, like a shoelace. So when I closed this ring I think I slipped the shuttle through the loop. I know that is wrong and in the next few I made I just closed the ring.

A special thanks to Tattingchic for answering my questions.


Judy S. said...

Very impressive, Kathy. Tatting has always illuded me! Haven't gotten around to trying needle tatting yet though, but I have all the stuff now.....

Melissa said...

Very good Kathy! You are doing great! I also learned needle tatting first which did help me understand how to reverse work and such, you might also find you enjoy shuttle tatting more after all, or maybe not, that is up to you! LOL
Yes just close the ring in shuttle tatting if you do the "knot" thing with shuttle tatting it actually is something else called the Shoe Lace Trick (SLT) and it switches the thread positioning to work with, which is sometimes used in patterns instead of 2 shuttles. I know probably over your head right now, but that's okay, I don't want to confuse you so don't worry about it if it doesn't make sense right now. You are well on your way!

***Jon**** said...

Well done!. I am a shuttle tatter all the way.
I tried needle tatting once or twice just to learn the techniques and is still getting used to it. Comparing the two, I still prefer the shuttle because of the tightness of the knots or double stitches compared it to being a bit loose when using a needle. Maybe I need to get use to the needles more

TattingChic said...

I think your first shuttle tatted ring is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! YAY!!! I still remember closing my first ring for the first time....what an accomplishment! It's simply lovely. Oh, my, I was surprised to see my name at the bottom of the post...thank you. Oh, I am happy to help in any way I can, Kathy! I sincerely mean that. I do so love tatting! Isn't it beautiful, even you stand alone ring is just beautiful, really look at it, it's exquisite.

Zarina said...

Hi - I read your comment at Jon and thought why not see your blog. Now yours will be one of the *daily* blogs that I will be reading. I am a shuttle tatter like Jon. I have done some quilting - the biggest is for a queen size bed for my parents' 25 wedding anniversary. I made one for myself but the quilting was too much that its hidden somewhere.