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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wire Tree

Early October our local amusement park had a Covered Bridge Festival. It seems like such a long time ago now. When we arrived the parking lot was filling up fast. I was shocked to see that many cars there. I can't begin to tell you how large the parking lot is, but believe me there are thousands of parking spaces. Needless to say I had to park in the last section, you know out there in nowhere land or at least it seems like that. To conserve our energy for the hours of walking ahead of us checking out all the goodies, we decided to ride the shuttle bus. The kind of bus that is all open, well it had a roof, no cushy cushion on the seat and you can feel the wind through your hair kind of shuttle.

The rides were open that day, so I guess all the parents left their children run through the park while they shopped in peace. LOL There were many vendors showing their arts and crafts. I enjoyed walking through each area and seeing all the beautiful works of art. One booth had adorable shabby chic patchwork quilt wallhanging's with dried lavender bouquet attached and framed in old window frames. It was just adorable. Unfortunately out of my price range and I my spending was limited. I also thought how easy it would be to make one myself. I just wouldn't have the old window frame to use. After walking around for awhile I came upon this wire tree (click on the picture for a better view). I thought how unique it was. It was marked 15.00, I hesitated and thought I would walk around some more to see what else was out there. You know the thought, maybe something better would come along. After about a half hour I returned to the stand with the wire tree. It was still there! The vendor noticed I came back to check it out again, and she pointed out that she had marked it down to 10.00. At this point it was mine. Bless her heart! I am so glad I waited. It was actually decorated for Halloween with pumpkins and this rope/twine with Halloween sayings printed on it. Well it didn't take long for the rope to come off. Let's just say Halloween is my least favorite time of year.

The pumpkins will be fine for Thanksgiving, unless I can think of something else in the mean time. I want to make something to decorate the tree for Christmas. The stand is about 15" and to the top of the wire another 8", so it is about 23" tall. The pumpkins measure 2-1/2" wide and 2" high.

Tatted snowflakes would look cute, or maybe crazy quilted mini hearts and stockings.
If you have any other ideas on small decorations I would love for you to share your ideas.


JodyC said...

Love your wire tree, what a great find. The pumpkins are very cute. I think small cq hearts, mittens, and/or candy canes would be cute for Christmas.

everythingquilts said...

I love this tree. I think I will attempt to make one.

TattingChic said...

I'm with you when it comes to halloween! I think some tatted leaves in fall colors would be fabulous this time of year. If you hung them from the branches with fishing line as hangers then it would looks like they were "falling from the branches". You could do the leaves in smaller sized threads so they would be more proportionate! Wouldn't that look sweet?
You could use it as a holiday tree for every holiday season of the year!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I think snowflakes would be perfect for this tree.

Thank you for your comment on my blog; it really means a lot to me.

Judy S. said...

Good Morning! Love your tree. Have you ever read the kid's book called The Egg Tree? It made me think of that. I love the PA covered bridges; it's so much fun to look for them.

BTW do you have Pfalzburg Folk Art dishes? That pitcher looks like you might. I do....same design! I love their stuff.

everythingquilts said...

I added a pic of how the 2 blocks with strips and bottom sewn together should look before quilting.

Patricia said...

Love the wire tree, glad it was waiting for you. I'm totally enamored with CQ and think the little mini's would look lovely. I've also seen tiny velvet strawberries with gold beads and stitching that are adorable.


Nicki Lee said...

What an awesome tree! Kathy it would look so cute decorated with little CQ ornaments or even Dotee Dolls - hmmmm....looks like I'll have to send you something to help you get started decorating it.