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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise

I am a little late posting this. Camera batteries were dead and couldn't find the charger. It's here somewhere, so when at Walmart bought some Energizer AA's to use. Now who likes Duracell versus Energizer?

We took everything off and out of our entertainment center so we could move it to paint. Things are scattered everywhere in boxes and piles, piles and more piles. DH didn't realize how much stuff I could store in this one area. Actually neither did I. It's time to declutter....but I need want it all. Yes we are painting in the winter. Long story.....

Now for the real purpose of this post is my surprise package from Jessica. She sent me this beautiful pad of scrapbook paper (you wouldn't believe how beautiful this paper is), a packet of dimensional stickers, and a pair of butterflies. The oval in the middle of the sticker packet says "Life begins the day you start a garden". Also an adorable card which looks hand stamped. Hope to get some creative juices flowing soon. THANK YOU JESSICA!

The thought of a garden brings back memories as a kid.....YUK! Now I would enjoy a real garden. The ground has too much shale, but I do plant a few things close to the house like tomatoes and red/green/yellow peppers.

As DH removed my rubber stamps from behind the bottom set of closed doors, he asks "did you belong to a stamp of the month club?" I didn't like his tone one bit. I was thinking "I only wish". Actually I don't have that many and they are neatly sorted in some plastic trays and stackable. It's actually been awhile since I used them. Left my mom borrow a few so she could make some cards. I'll have to show you soon what she is working on. I'll save that for the next post.


Anonymous said...

I am just cracking up over your husband's comment about a "stamp of the month club" and you not liking his tone! Too funny!

Kathy, thanks for coming over and entering my giveaway! Come back and visit again. I love company!


JessicaSews said...

Kathy, I have so many stamps, DD mistakenly took them with her to college and can't get them back to me unless she checks an extra bag on the plane! It's a box full.
And, each one is special...!!
At least, that's what I tell DH!

Have fun with the mat stack!
Some of those pages resembles beautiful fabric - or would inspire a beautiful fabric project. :) DDs are going to frame some of their pages for wall art! How artsy!

Have a great week!