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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Art Impressions Stamps

I still have limited time for artsy crafts.  A lot has happend over the years.  New job, then a few years ago helping to care for my mom who has developed dementia.  We were fortunate to have some help from my aunt and some caregivers.  My weekends were spent with her over a time of 3 years.  It had come to a point she needed care 24 x 7.  A year ago June we needed to place her in a home so she could be taken care of 24 x 7. My brother and I visit 6 days out of the week, each on different days.  We are there during her evening meal, except for Sunday lunch meal.
She still remembers us, though not much else. Unfortunately she doesn't remember that we visit each day.  Sometimes she still thinks she is just out to eat or that she will be driving herself home. She has made some friends, the 4 of them eat together everyday, though she doesn't remember their names. When I stop to visit, she'll say to them "this is my daughter".  I get them their coffee, water or juice. When I see them struggle a little at meatime, I help to cut up their food or shift things around on their tray to make things easier to reach. Sometimes they are cold, go to their rooms for sweaters or blankets.  The one lady, said to me, can I go home with you.  Breaks my heart !

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Below is a card I made for someone's Birthday, using Art Impressions rubber stamps.
Excuse the shadow in the upper left. 

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